Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My heart is aching for home right now. I listen to "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" by Brandon Flowers everyday and I just want to go home! I miss my family, friends, and the city!

I still love college, though. I am turning into such a college student. I just want to party/hang out everyday night! That never happens, though.

I was so energetic today because I went to bed before midnight for the first time in a week! Such an accomplishment. Oh, and I got an A on my Book of Mormon mid-term today. It's not that big of a deal, given it's Book of Mormon, but I was still excited and proud of myself! It made my whole week! This week has and will continue to be a good week! Tomorrow is Wednesday which means easy practice and time for a nap! Ahh, I wait for Wednesday every week. We have a swim meet this weekend. It is in northern California. It will be my first travel trip. So excited! I hope it is warm and sunny. I miss the warmth.

Das all fo now, yo.


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