Saturday, November 8, 2014

Confessions of a 22 year old

My life is really complicated.  Lots of thoughts and emotions flood my head everyday.  So here's a couple of my recent thoughts.

1.  Winter is the worst season.  In retrospect, wearing coats and scarves and hats all seems really exciting, but then the day comes where I have to bundle up before going out into the cold and I hate it.  It is NOT fun.  There is nothing exciting about it.  During the winter my daily goal is getting from one warm building to another warm building before I break into tears.  Literally I just have to grit my teeth and tell myself I'll survive.  Do you guys think I'm dramatic?  (PS. I know it's not winter yet, alright?)

2.  I contemplate chopping my hair off every single day.  I'm not kidding.  I want to cut my hair so badly but there is one thing stopping me, and I bet you can guess what it is.  Boys. Yup, you can say it.  I'm shallow.  But boys like long hair and I don't hate it when they run their fingers through it.  Okay is this getting TMI for you?  Sorry, I'll stop now.

3.  Speaking of hair, I REALLY love man buns.  I know half of you just barfed in your mouth, but I love them and think they are so attractive.  I have no shame.  But I'm not sure I'm edgy enough to go out with a guy that has a man bun.  I'm too much of a blonde mormon girl.  Bummer.

4.  Taylor Swift's new album is gold.  But everyone knows this.  I scream her lyrics everyday.  Gah, she just gets me (I know every other girl is saying this).  BUT IT'S TRUE.  "I must admit, just because you're clean doesn't mean you don't miss it."

5.  I just want friends.  Guys, I love people and I just wish you never had to say goodbye to friends or burn bridges or any of that bad stuff.  If you're my friend, please stay forever and never leave me, okay?  Okay but on the real, having friends is what makes life worth living and I LOVE ALL MY FRIENDS!

6.  Do people actually have their lives together or is everyone just acting like it?  Because seriously I act like I have my life together, but real talk, I don't.  I say I have all these plans for the future, but honestly things never go according to plan so i've stopped planning and I'm kinda just hoping for the best.  That's how life works, right?

7.  Sometimes running away sounds like a really good idea.  But then I think about how I literally have 4 credits left 'til I graduate from college and how much blood, sweat, and tears went into getting a college education and all of a sudden it sounds like the worst possible idea.

8.  I imagine that my 2014 is equivalent to Britney Spears 2007.  About to go shave my head guys.

JUST KIDDING ABOUT THAT ONE ^^.  My life is great and I am so blessed.  I couldn't have asked for a better life.  I have been blessed with the greatest family and friends and so many opportunities that I would never take back!  I know I sometimes sound dramatic, but when it comes down to it, life is the funnest roller coaster I have ever been on!