Thursday, June 12, 2014


It's official, I'm 22, so here are 22 thoughts, emotions, experiences, etc. I have had today and this past year.

1. Listening to the T. Swift song when you are actually 22 is so much more empowering. You can bet it was on repeat all day.
2. Birthdays are like kinda stressful. I mean I don't even have a lot of friends and I felt like I was answering phone calls and text messages all day. Don't get me wrong I love all my friends and will never take those sweet messages for granted but it's a lot of work. I feel bad for all you socialites out there who have SO MANY FRIENDS.
3. Today I really just wanted to pig out. I had a cookie for breakfast and it was awesome. Then later tonight I had planned on going to sushi but I just wanted some grub. So I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate my heart out. I felt so American eating wings and watching sports and I loved it. Wouldn't change a thing.
4. The gospel (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Aka the Mormon church) is the greatest gift I could ever receive in my life. I can't express it in words, but I am so blessed!
5. I will never be Blair Waldorf. Nope. I realized this today. I will never host a huge black tie birthday party where people from all over the world attend and we eat fancy foods and drink fancy champagne. Like it's fine. I got over it.
6. I was literally single every day that I was 21. I think that's pretty cool. I broke up with someone on June 11th, the day before I turned 21 and here I am today single. Still loving life.
7. I'm only on number 7 and I already feel worn out. 22 is a lot. How have I lived that many years?
8. I thought it might be cool to make my day all about Taylor Swifts song 22, but I actually didn't want to dress up like a hipster and make fun of my exes. Pass.
9. My mom didn't even call me and I feel a little cheated. She text me several times throughout the day and she posted an Instagram but I didn't even get a phone call? Okay mom if you're reading this, I still love you and all but like call me please?
10. My little swimmers at work sang happy birthday to me today and it just melted my heart. Children are so cute and I love them.
11. I used it being my birthday as an excuse for most things today. " I can eat this cookie because it is my birthday" " I don't have to go to the gym because it is my birthday" "I can go shopping because it is my birthday." Can you say selfish? Holla
12. I'm glad all the numbers in my birthday are even. #ocdproblems
13. From here on out none of my birthdays will signify a new age and responsibility. 21 was it, but it's not like I can use my 21 year old privelages.
14. Just because it's your birthday doesn't mean the stars are going to align and the day will go just as you planned.
15. I thought that by age 22 I would be graduated and starting medical school. Hahahahaha jokes on me guys.
16. Even though I am 22 I still feel 16. Is that every going to change? When am I going to grow up?
17. I'm not gonna be cliche and say that this year is going to be the best year. Like it could be really bad guys. Wait do you think that is bad luck? I take it back. Lyke it's gonna be the best year evar!
18. Tell me it's not just me, but this past year I got the travel bug! I just want to see and experience the world. I feel like most 20 something girls get this bug and I totally have it. Someone take me to Europe!
19. I really came out of my shell this past year and I'm so happy about it. Life is so much better when you're out doing things!
20. Despite what the primary song says, I don't actually think I'm one year older and wiser too. Okay yes I'm a year older but I don't think I have made a whole lot of new neural connections.
21. I'll miss being 21. Farewell.
22. Do I have to stop shopping at Forever 21? Just wondering.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Let me sum up

In case you don't keep up with my life via social medial here is what is happening in the life of Allie: 
*disclaimer* I don't even post on social media about my life so you're not missing out. 

I finally started working and I'm really happy about it. I spent so much time doing...well nothing, the past couple of weeks that I was more than ready to start being useful.  I help coach a swim team in American Fork and I really love it. I know it's so stereotypical of me, being a retired swimmer and all, but I just love being in the sun and coaching cute kids that make me laugh every freakin' day. I got super sunburned (don't tell my mom) but it's faded to a tan now so that is a major bonus. Like I don't even need money, just get me a tan and I am golden. Actually no. I take that back. I need money. Life is really expensive and I eat a lot of food. Okay, enough about that. Job. Good. Loving it. 

I bought a road bike. It is awesome. I love it. Utah is a really great place for riding bikes and I am so happy I am here for the summer. I just want to explore all of Utah on my bike. I'm still getting used to riding. I get really nervous riding near cars so for the first couple weeks I just rode in my neighborhood. Ha. Lame. But this past Saturday I rode it on the Provo River Trail all the way to Utah Lake. It is sooooo pretty out there. But I want friends to go with. So if you have a bike, join me. Loooooooove it. 

I have a pet fish. I bought a Betta Fish one day. Just on a whim. I have never had a pet in my life, so I bought a fish. And a fish counts as a pet. Don't argue that with me. Of course I would much rather have a dog or a cute kitty cat, but I settled with a fish. Her name is Alice. She has whimsical colors, and I think Alice and Allie sound cute together. We are practically best friends so I needed to give her a name that sounded nice with Allie.  

Still looking for a summer companion. Yes, just a summer companion. Not eternal. Hard pass on that one. The weather is just so perfect that I just want someone who will go do fun things with me all the time. I posted this on twitter, so if you follow me via twitter I'm sorry for the redundancy. But I'm seeking an attractive male who likes adventures, the outdoors, biking, pizza, and waffles. Oh and if he wants to hold my hand or like watch movies on the couch with me I wouldn't object. I just need him for the summer months really. Once fall comes I going back into hibernation and can survive on my own. So if you or somebody you know meets these qualifications then send 'em my way. I sound desperate. Dang it. I'm not like that. I just like having fun.

Guyzzzz life is good. Until next time. 

Gossi I mean Allie. 

Ps. Just finished gossip girl and I loved it. Addicted. K bye.