Friday, July 16, 2010

Ramblings in an Organized Manner.

I don't have a main theme to blog about today, so I suppose I could ramble, or maybe organize what is running through my mind. The latter sounds like a better choice; given my personality.

1. I'm lazier than you. I go on facebook only to check if I have notifications. If I do, I'm excited and I bask in the thought of someone loving me. I continue to read through my notifications, only to not reply to anyone or any post. Repeat this 10 times every hour. Case and point reached. (Sorry if you may be one of the unfortunate friends that never receives a reply. I'm too popular for your time.) KIDDING, I WILL GET BACK TO YOU, I LOVE MY FRIENDS!

2. I want sushi. Scratch that, I need sushi. When I start dreaming about the rolls, and the ice cream at Sushi Mon, I know a sushi date is well over due. (Ahem Mikayda Mills)

3. I don't like Las Vegas at all anymore. Sorry kids, but there is nothing here for me. And sorry if I sound selfish, but when you are a graduated senior awaiting to go to college you will feel the same way. Or maybe you already do?

4. Shoutout to the big sister! Haha, I have never called her my big sister. But "here's to you Katie!" I'm including you in my blog. Sorry it took until the fourth post. You know me, miss popular. I had to include all my peeps before the mention of you. Just kidding! I love you sister and I hope you stay in Salt Lake so we can party on the weekends once I am in Provo!

Me and Katie on Christmas Eve of 2008 showing off our dancing skillz to Lady Gaga!

I give my regards to all.

P.S. I'm extremely sarcastic at times, sawwy.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Swimming swimming swimming. I love swimming soooooooooo much. The majority of my best friends I have met through swimming. I love the practices, the travel trips, my friends, the water; everything! I figured I would dedicate a whole post to just swimming and all the happiness it brings me.
My favortie part of swimming is definitely the team travel trips. We mainly travel to California, but I have been to Texas, Florida, and Ohio for other swimming events. I first started traveling with the team when I moved into the National Group my freshman year. I went to juniors in Florida, sectionals in California, and proably a few other meets in California. My friends on those trips were mainly Addie Oswald and Alexis Grothe. Swimming was very different then. I was the tag-along freshman, that all the boys made fun of. All the boys were so mean to me, and I still haven't figured out why. Most of the time I enjoyed swimming, but there were those times where I would cry and swear I would never go back to practice.

Freshman year Sectionals; I was strange :)

Sophomore year was about the same. I went to Florida and California again, and I was still the slow poke. I got along with Alexis Grothe pretty well that year. She still made fun of me, but it was always joking. She always made me feel good about myself. I was also great friends with Taylor Brigman that year. We were best friends. We laughed so hard together. I enjoyed traveling with her. Lauren Moody joined the team that year! She was hilarious, and I have the best memories with her at La Mirada. "Do I have any chocolate in my teeth, Lauren?" Man, I miss her. La Mirada was also the meet that I met MEGAN PURDY! She was only in 7th grade, but we got along well. Since she was new with traveling with the team she stuck with me. She always asked me for advice about warming up for meets, but I'm not sure why because she has always been faster than me.


Junior year was probably the best swimming year for me. All the mean boys were gone and I could finally go to practice and enjoy myself. I was now an upperclassman, and I didn't have to feel insignificant. Carlee Oswald; one of my best friends since I was about nine, moved to multi-gen to swim with Mike! I was very happy to have her swimming with me, and Megan Purdy moved up groups as well. By junior year I had finally decided that I actually wanted to be good at swimming. I started coming to practice everyday, and would never let myself skip practice. We also started a new dryland program which helped improve my strenght. The beginning of November is when I met Mikayda Mills! I was so happy to have a new swimmer on the team who was my age! No one else in the National Group was my age that year! We talked at practice often, and by Christmas break we were great friends. We often went to Cafe Rio, and later got frozen yogurt. We liked to Cafe Rio it up is what we called it. My junior year the BCH coach Mike decided to take us to Texas Grand Prix. That was one of the best meets ever! The meet wasn't very crowded, but there was still a good amount of fast people there. I swam with Katie Hoff and Elizabeth Beisel in my 500 freestyle that year.

Texas 2009

Senior year has come and gone, and has made awesome and not so awesome memories. State 2009 wasn't anything special, juniors in Ohio followed that and nothing great happened there either. I struggled with swimming at the beginning of my senior year. I got real sick in October. I wasn't myself for a while after that. Finally I had a decent meet at Texas Grand Prix in March. Not only did I swim well but it was one of the best meets eva! I roomed with Carlee, Mikayda, and Megan. What a perfect combination. So many inside jokes arose from that trip. We started calling eachother crazy chicks, we pushed our beds togehter the last day, and watched Mean Girls though the night.

Texas 2010

Those were the main meets that I attended through club swimming. Another part of swimming that has been significant is high school swimming. I never liked high school swimming to be completely honest. I hate swimming against some of my best friends who go to different schools, I hate the rivalries, and I hate all the pressure high school swimming puts on you. The only part I have ever liked about it is my team. I have loved meeting new people at Green Valley and having similar interests. I enjoyed high school swimming my junior and senior year the most. Junior year I was mainly friends with Carlee, Addie, Maddy, and Devin. I did talk to mostly everyone but I mainly stuck with these girls. Senior year I was able to make so many new friends now that I was captain. I had to include everyone and be a leader. I enjoyed being a captain. This past year I came to know ANDRE; who is now one of my best friends, Austin Lee, Suzie, Sarah, Raymond, Marina, Kati, Aubrey, and Smaranda. Although, I'm sure I met many more! High school swimming was an experience, but I can't say I will miss it all that much. What I will miss is my friends, and coaches, and of course the awesome banquets!

Green Valley swim banquet 2009

I know it's a tad bit long, but swimming has consumed my life. I have enjoyed my swimming career and I am excited to continue it with new people in a new place! Have a nice day!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today I figure I would write up a post all about myself. I'm so selfish, I know it. But my about me section doesn't tell a whole lot about me, because it is just a box, and I am sort of out of the box! Fact number 1: I love life. Life is so great, and everyone should love it. There are so many things to be happy about. I could probably name off 30 reasons as to why I love life right this second. Fact number 2: I am addicted to the show Cake Boss. I'm typically not the person who will sit down and watch TV, but put on Cake Boss and I will be that person. First of all I love cakes, and second of all I love reality shows. Drama combined with cake making= perfection. Fact number 3: I'm a work out-aholic. The term explains itself. Besides Sunday, I work out everyday. I like to swim, bike, do yoga, do P90X, or anything BESIDES RUNNING! I hate running. Fact number 4: Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year for me. I can't explain the happiness that Christmas brings to me. I love listening to christmas music, eating candy cane kisses, watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, and spending two weeks with my family. The day after Christmas and on, all I think about is how I can't wait til Christmas!
Fact number 5: I love reading fairytales/short stories. Of course I love to read books too, but there is something fun about reading a short story. My favorite author is Oscar Wilde. If you haven't read The Happy Prince, then I advise you to go do it right now. Fact number 6: I love food. I love ALL things food. I like to watch people make food, I like to make food myself, and I like to eat food. This could lead to problems in the future,but for now I will continue to enjoy food! Fact number 7: I can't think of anything more that would interest you! I like to entertain people, not bore you, so I'm sorry if you are bored! I'm still learning with this blog thing so if you have any comments/questions/concerns then leave it in the comments or something! That's all for today folks! Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Allie Dodds Has a Blog?!

'Tis true, I have a blog! I'm usually not the blogger type because I am a freako perfectionist who loves straight lines, and needs everything to be symmetrical. And blogs never seem to turn out that way, but for now this one is looking pretty...straight :) I also typically don't blog because I am a horrible writer. But whatevs, I'm not writing for New York Times or anything profesh. I'm just writing for my entertainment, and hopefully some of yours. I guess this is the part where I tell you something I did today? I went college dorm shopping! I know, weird? The rest of my time was spent organizing this beautious blog. Just kidding, it's a work in progress, but I promise more will be done. Hope you continue to follow me. Enjoy your day, and do something nice for someone today! Thanks for stopping by!