Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today I figure I would write up a post all about myself. I'm so selfish, I know it. But my about me section doesn't tell a whole lot about me, because it is just a box, and I am sort of out of the box! Fact number 1: I love life. Life is so great, and everyone should love it. There are so many things to be happy about. I could probably name off 30 reasons as to why I love life right this second. Fact number 2: I am addicted to the show Cake Boss. I'm typically not the person who will sit down and watch TV, but put on Cake Boss and I will be that person. First of all I love cakes, and second of all I love reality shows. Drama combined with cake making= perfection. Fact number 3: I'm a work out-aholic. The term explains itself. Besides Sunday, I work out everyday. I like to swim, bike, do yoga, do P90X, or anything BESIDES RUNNING! I hate running. Fact number 4: Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year for me. I can't explain the happiness that Christmas brings to me. I love listening to christmas music, eating candy cane kisses, watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, and spending two weeks with my family. The day after Christmas and on, all I think about is how I can't wait til Christmas!
Fact number 5: I love reading fairytales/short stories. Of course I love to read books too, but there is something fun about reading a short story. My favorite author is Oscar Wilde. If you haven't read The Happy Prince, then I advise you to go do it right now. Fact number 6: I love food. I love ALL things food. I like to watch people make food, I like to make food myself, and I like to eat food. This could lead to problems in the future,but for now I will continue to enjoy food! Fact number 7: I can't think of anything more that would interest you! I like to entertain people, not bore you, so I'm sorry if you are bored! I'm still learning with this blog thing so if you have any comments/questions/concerns then leave it in the comments or something! That's all for today folks! Enjoy your day!

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  1. I love blogs!

    -Cake Boss! Hahaha. Is that the one where if they drop the cake they lose???
    -Running is the worst thing ever! I hate it! I want a bike sooo bad! I dream that next time I come home there will be a bike waiting for me there!
    -Christmas Christmas Christmas! Wooo I cannot wait! TRA DEE SHUNS!
    -You should read Bartleby. I read it the other day. It's good.

    You should do these in notes on Facebook! More people will read them!

    This is your sister in case you didn't know. Love you!