Friday, July 16, 2010

Ramblings in an Organized Manner.

I don't have a main theme to blog about today, so I suppose I could ramble, or maybe organize what is running through my mind. The latter sounds like a better choice; given my personality.

1. I'm lazier than you. I go on facebook only to check if I have notifications. If I do, I'm excited and I bask in the thought of someone loving me. I continue to read through my notifications, only to not reply to anyone or any post. Repeat this 10 times every hour. Case and point reached. (Sorry if you may be one of the unfortunate friends that never receives a reply. I'm too popular for your time.) KIDDING, I WILL GET BACK TO YOU, I LOVE MY FRIENDS!

2. I want sushi. Scratch that, I need sushi. When I start dreaming about the rolls, and the ice cream at Sushi Mon, I know a sushi date is well over due. (Ahem Mikayda Mills)

3. I don't like Las Vegas at all anymore. Sorry kids, but there is nothing here for me. And sorry if I sound selfish, but when you are a graduated senior awaiting to go to college you will feel the same way. Or maybe you already do?

4. Shoutout to the big sister! Haha, I have never called her my big sister. But "here's to you Katie!" I'm including you in my blog. Sorry it took until the fourth post. You know me, miss popular. I had to include all my peeps before the mention of you. Just kidding! I love you sister and I hope you stay in Salt Lake so we can party on the weekends once I am in Provo!

Me and Katie on Christmas Eve of 2008 showing off our dancing skillz to Lady Gaga!

I give my regards to all.

P.S. I'm extremely sarcastic at times, sawwy.

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