Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finals Week!

This week has not been too bad! I am just as surprised as you are. To be honest, this week has been one of the least stressful weeks of this whole semester at BYU. I didn't have any homework other than to study, only 4 finals, no school at all, all day to study, and optional practices. I have really been enjoying this week.

Last night my sister spontaneously decided to come down and visit me. I love it when she comes down because we laugh, and talk about funny things, and I forget about all the homework or studying that I have to do. I lectured her on how she needs to do something with her life, and stop dating dudes and find a real man! Haha. I only do it because I love her so much and I want her to have all the happiness possible in her life.

I have two more finals tomorrow and then I will be homeward bound! I am soooo excited! The idea of going home for a whole week, and not worrying about ANYTHING will be the best feeling ever. I will be done with all of these classes FOREVER! Unbelievable. My heart just wants to sing.

This Christmas is going to be all about family. Not that it isn't that way already, but I am going to make an extra effort to always be with them, and to forget about all the material things during this holiday. I just want to bake cookies, sing Christmas songs, and sit by the fire and watch a good movie. I realize that not many things make me happier than sitting around the couch just talking or playing games with my family. I miss being home during the month of December, but I know that having been away will only make this next week even better.

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